Functional Ecological Genomics 2017

Materials for Stephanie Spielman's sessions

Helpful Resources

Many of these resources go beyond the scope of this workshop, but all are incredibly useful for your future endeavors in biocomputing!

  • The Unix Tutorial for Beginners is a great resource and starting point for getting comfortable with the command-line environment.
  • This super weird Unix intro PDF is probably excellent, but clearly written by the nerdiest of nerds.
  • Software Carpentry offers lots of open-source lessons and tutorials for scientific computing skills (github, Python, command line, R, SQL, and more!)
  • Google is easily the most valuable resource for figuring things out. If you encounter an issue, chances are somebody else has also encountered it and has asked about it.

Protip: Google your error messages and look for links to Stack Overflow answers. This forum-based website has all the answers (but they might be snarky).